‘My Dream XI’ – CPD Y Fali’s Marc Wilson picks his team!

PICTURE by Wynne Evans.

TONIGHT it’s the turn of a Valley (or CPD Y Fali) legend to pick his dream squad of local players.

Over the years, Marc Wilson has enjoyed many a great moment with the club both as a player and as a manager. He won the league with Valley in 2007 and also won the Elias Cup years later as manager against Holyhead Town.

The winger, whose turned out for the likes of Llanfairpwll and Llangefni in the last also, spent last season with Gwynedd League side Ogwen Tigers. However, he has since moved back to Cae Mwd, where he scored twice in friendlies before the latest lockdown rules were enforced.

Here, he’s picked a squad of mainly Valley-based players and one he’s played quite a lot of games alongside. As Wilson couldn’t decide between which of his two keepers should start in his side, adding that they’re both fantastic, we’ve gone with a squad rather than and XI here.

A talented bunch once again though!!

GOALKEEPER – Kris Lindsay

Marc says: “When you hear the saying ‘Goalkeepers are a different breed’ and ‘crazy’, Kris definitely lives up to this. Anyone who knows him or has shared a changing room with him will no doubt been on the other end of his banter. Even If you didn’t think he wasn’t so funny or you took his jokes to heart you’d still admire some of the things he was capable of in goal, was Man of the Match more often than not, commanding, agile and frightening. I’m sure the Monk off Mean Machine was based on his antics!”


Marc says: “One of the bravest goalkeepers I have seen. Couldn’t believe he was 16 years old when I played against him on his senior debut, then a few months later we were on the same team playing Bangor 1876 (playing for Ogwen Tigers). I was in shock at his ability and courage.

What sticks in my mind the most is playing v Bangor, 500 or so fans, and he’s facing a one on one v Les Davies, the man they call the truck. I think it was a heavy touch by Les and it ended up being a 50/50 challenge. Shane head first then stretching his arms out and winning the ball. I was expecting the ref to be calling on the physio for him but he got up no problem. From that moment I thought this is a special lad that will go far.

Every game he would get praise from the opposition players and supporters and it’s no wonder he’s now at Bangor City. Iv already asked his dad if he can get me one of his shirts when he makes the first team regularly!”

FULL BACK – Nige Davies

Marc says: “In my opinion a very underrated player. Wasn’t fancy or messed about with things. Was coming to the end of his career when I came through but was always reliable and took no messing. A good tackling full back and a great team player.

CENTRE BACK – Shane Boylan

Marc says: “One of the best players I think I’ve played with. A top quality Centre Back when he was in the same team as me, but Is also a brilliant attacker. Went to Australia to play for Kyabram Phoenix, where he was managed by Barry Rowlands (former Valley manager), and I’m pretty sure he claimed a few awards from both the club and league at the end of his first season over there.”

FULL BACK – Anthony Brooks

Marc says: “A tough tackling left back who had great ability to get up and down the pitch and did so with little effort. Called it a day on his football career far too early as he definitely had more to give the game. The year we won the league in 2007, he was the club’s Player of the Season. He has made some cameo appearances since he called it a day but it’s a shame he didn’t play longer and could show how good he was.”

CENTRE BACK – Steve Hughes

Marc says: “An old school centre half, put his head where most wouldn’t put there shadow. He was young when we played football together but someone who seemed older in the sense of us youngsters looked up to him. Many times was the captain and another vital part of our league winning side.”

CENTRE BACK – Mike Williams

Williams (on the right) won the Anglesey League with the Tigers in 2017/18.

Marc says: “If I didn’t include Mike he’d be upset! As a lot of people know he’s a brilliant footballer and also took up management last season with Ogwen Tigers.

“He is a centre back that can save you a game with his heading ability and tackling – a memorable one was against a high flying Nefyn – their player was through on goal, us leading 1-0 against all the odds, Mike knew he wasn’t going to catch him, so tactically fouled him just inside our half, and luckily only got a yellow card. That to me is taking one for the team, as they didn’t score from the resulting free kick.

“Would always put what he thought was the teams best interest ahead of his own. Would rarely start himself when most of us knew we wanted him to play. He is also a threat on goal, notching his fair few goals over the years from set pieces.

LA player I have been trying to persuade to join me at Valley next season, but although he’s my brother in law, he’s rejected my offers which is disappointing.”

FULL BACK/WINGER – Kieran Bullock

Marc says: “A young player who has already hit the headlines. I only played for Ogwen Tigers for a few months but from my first training there, preparing for the Bangor game it seemed me and Kieran had a connection. We both knew where each other would be and even after only a couple of games we managed to score a few goals between us.

“Most people will think of him as an attacker but the last few games before the season was stopped he was playing at left back and was just as effective there. Mike Williams knows him well and knew he was capable of that role when I was suprised he was changing position. With age on his side and with Mark Hughes as his manager again (at Bethesda now) like at his debut season in senior football I have no doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more good things about him.”

CENTRE MID – Rich Williams

Marc says: “Was club captain when I was introduced. Not only a leader in the pitch , but off it as well, he knew how to captain a team and if you messed around or did something that was unacceptable, he’d let you know. In my experience it wasn’t pleasant. But that’s what being a youngster at a club is about. Learning the hard way.

A calm central midfielder who could boost us with his unbelievable work rate and stamina. I’ll always remember my first training session, we went for a 5 mile run, the whole squad started, only Rich and myself finished. We later found out the others went to the anchorage pub!”

CENTRE MID – Casey Boylan

Casey Boylan (left) and brother Shane.

Marc says: “Brother of Shane. Whatever I say about Casey has no doubt been said by others. He can change a game in an instant. A quality centre midfielder who can play a pass like a hot knife through butter, and often you see his name on the score sheet.”

CENTRE MID- Alex Jones

Marc says: “Keeping it as much of Valley based players as I can, Alex was a player I played with for 2 seasons at junior level with Bodedern. In the earlier days of junior football he was at Valley, and for a number or years my manager said he wanted to sign 2 players, one was Danny Roberts (ex-Valley and now at Caergybi) and Alex. He got one of the targets and that was Alex. I’d say he was one of the most naturally gifted sportsmen I’ve seen.

“A centre midfielder who would work tirelessly for the team. Put his fair share of tackles in which stop players in there tracks , and in our final season he assisted me for so many goals for which I ended the clubs top scorer. His standout moment for me was a midweek game in Llangefni, not sure why But boded and Cefni was a massive game, always felt like a big derby, huge crowds, especially for junior football. In the last few minutes, score was a draw, the ball crossed in and headed out of the box, I can still remember it, Alex just standing there , and how he changed his body position I don’t know, but imagine a Paul Scholes or Steven Gerrard volley, off the sweet spot and arrows in to the top far corner! Unbelievable.

Decided not to follow up on his football after juniors, and went into Formula Ford and Formula 3. Then into cycling. Unfortunately, a few years ago we had the sad news that Alex passed away whilst out on his bike. News that shocked and upset everyone who knew him. Maybe I’ve said more about him than the other players but he was a brilliant player who no doubt could of gone far had he carry on.”

MIDFIELDER – Liam Fallows

Marc says: “Brother of current Valley player Owain Roberts and another I only got to play with at Bodedern. Our manager wrote in our end of season booklet “Liam makes football look so easy” and he definitely did. His right foot must of had a remote control on it because what ever he wanted the ball to do, it did exactly that.

“For a season in senior football he was a Valley player and I’m gutted it was one of the seasons I wasn’t there as I’d have loved to have played along side him again.

ATTACKER – Paul England

Marc says: “I played last year of junior football then ended up being in the same team at valley with Paul. One of the best left foots Iv seen, very skilful on the ball and scored some cracking goals.”

ATTACKER – Barry Jones

Marc says: “I may be wrong but I imagine Barry is up there as one of Valley’s all-time leading scorers. A typical goal poaching striker , he had fancy footwork and loved a trick or two. One season when I was about 18 or 19 I was his strike partner and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this but I hated it. Not because of him , he was an unbelievable finisher.

I hated it because when the manager named his team he’d do his goalkeeper, defence, midfield then us last. “Barry up front and Wilson as the donkey “ basically my job was to run around and get Barry to score. Give Barry the glory! One season he said he was aiming for 50 goals, last game of the season he was on 46 ( I think) and having scored 2 won a penalty, for his 49th and last goal casually strolled up and a panenka for his hat trick. Sure he won the league top scorer and player of the season that year.

Following season took over as player/manager. We won the league because as usual he scored vital goals, none more important than his second of the day, we needed a win to get the title, I still say he was offside but final few minutes he did what he did best and finished to make it 2-1. That year he was top scorer and manager of the year.

ATTACKER – Justin Williams

Williams was top scorer for Trearddur Bay Bulls last season with 25 goals. PIC: Wynne Evans

Marc says: “The most manageable player I’ve seen. When I was player-manager with Dan Jones, If you asked Justin to do a job which he may not have wanted to do, he’d still give it his all. Play him as a winger, striker, wing back you’ll get nothing less than 100% from him. Ask him how he felt he’ll say he didn’t want that role but understands it’s for the good of the team.

Was unfortunate in his last season at valley in 2017/2018 after being a worthy contender for so long not to become the clubs first ever winner of the Bob Brodie trophy. He was though, Valley’s Players Player and mine and Dan’s first Managers Player or the Season in our first season as managers.”

ATTACKER – Tommy Jenkins

Marc says: “Tommy Jenkins and goals go together. What a player. Had injury problems and if he hadn’t he’d be one of the players being spoken about in many years and in higher leagues I’m sure. Strong calm and knows how to find the net. Most people who follow valley football knows he comes from a talented footballing family,

MARC’S SUPER SUB – Mark Bolding

Marc says: “Will probably never get a mention in any articles but me and Dan took him on after most clubs rejected him. He once told us he did a Neymar skill in a game but wouldn’t tell us what it was!

“A character in the club and someone that all the lads used to enjoy being with us (some times!)

“Boldy last played and scored in a Valley shirt against Llandegfan from the penalty spot (2017/18 season), which I believe that evening within 2 hours of him being out in town, 80 % of Holyhead knew about after he told everyone he walked past.”

Marc adds: “So many more I could include- Justin Taylor , Jerome Sillence, Luke Roberts, Cristiano Ronaldo, plus many more so apologies to anyone I miss out!”


Barry Rowlands with Wilson and Dan Jones behind him.

Marc says: “I can’t just decide on one so I’ll make a team of coaches. Gary Hughes was my manager through out junior football. Still now I’m grateful for how he helped me through the years. Was a big part in making me believe in my self and I ended up being the top scorer in the final year he managed me.

“Darren Moore was the best manager Iv played for and been trained by is in my opinion is the best manager in Anglesey and should have been the manager for likes of island games. Not only a Llanfair legend but an Anglesey football legend.

“Dan Jones and Barry Rowlands – I think between the 3 of us we have got little knowledge of how to manage a football club properly. Yet we haven’t done too badly with our league positions and numerous cup finals over the years. Two brilliant lads who I enjoyed being along side and have so much passion for Valley FC and think they need the recognition they deserve.”


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