AFE’s Stars of the season 2019/20: Tom Zalot (Llanfairpwll/Llangoed)

PICTURE by Richard Gregson.

ONE of the young players on Anglesey who really caught the eye during the course of the last season, Zalot proved to be a breakthrough star for both Llanfairpwll in the Anglesey League and Llangoed in the Gwynedd league.

He started off at Pwll, where under the guidance of Vinny Walker and Spud Thomas, the attacker scored seven goals in a young and exciting side. That was followed by six more goals when he made the switch to Tyddyn Paun with Llangoed midway through the campaign.

A tally of 13 goals for both clubs saw him earn a lot of praise from supporters of the blog.

A quick forward who’s a very calm and composed finisher, Zalot showed that, despite only being 17 years old, he could go on to score plenty of goals at senior level and he’s certainly one to keep an eye on in future.

He remains on the books of Llangoed ahead of any potential league restart in 2020/21, in which the club will be playing tier five football and Zalot will, I’m sure, add more goals to his collection.


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