Welsh Alliance One 2019/20: Every result from the suspended season (with scorers)

PICTURE by Chris Willz Photography show Holyhead Hotspur.

THIS SEASON (typically of all the seasons!) I have been keeping a proper record of all the Welsh Alliance matches (along with some other leagues) and the goalscorers from each game too.

Here’s how the by now curtailed WA1 season for 2019/20 unfolded. It’s a shame it had to end the way it did!

Final table (turn sideways if you’re on mobile device) is as follows (PPG = Points Per Game).

1 Holyhead Hotspur171512552332462.71
2 Denbigh Town171223531934382.24
3 Llanrwst171223442420382.24
4 Greenfield181125331716351.94
5 Llandudno Albion201136503119361.88
6 Glan Conwy221237432914391.77
7 Bodedern Athletic181017352411311.72
8 Nantlle Vale1868437298261.44
9 Penrhyndeud.23103104648-2331.43
10 Llanberis 2082103147-16261.30
11 Llanrug Utd1764734304221.29
12 Blaenau Am.1962113355-22201.05
13 Mynydd Llandegai2156103550-15211
14 St Asaph2338122545-20170.74
15 Llandyrnog Utd2133152664-38120.57
16 Prestatyn Sports2002182772-4520.10


August 10

Denbigh Town 4 (J. Walker x2, M. Roberts, Own Goal)
Mynydd Llandygai 1 (O. Jones)

Greenfield 3 (D. Calvert, S. Jones, B. Jones)
Bodedern 1 (D. Redmond)

Llanberis 2 (G. Wakeham, T. Saynor)
Glan Conwy 1 (D. Landers)

Llandudno Albion 4 (P. Jones, L. Smith, D. Maddox x2)
Penrhyndeudraeth 1 (T. Smith)

Nantlle Vale 1 (T. Mahoney)
St. Asaph City 1 (D. Williams)

Prestayn Sports 2 (D. Hyland, T. McDougal)
Holyhead Hotspur 9 (C. Jones x3, R. Jones x2, K. Owen x2, D. Thomas, Own Goal)

August 13

Bodedern Athletic 2 (D. Redmond, C. Thomas)
Llanberis 0

Glan Conwy 3 (C. Davies x2, D. Landers)
Prestatyn Sports 2 ((T. McDougal, D. Hyland)

Holyhead Hotspur 5 (C. Jones x2, R. Jones x2, H. Lewis)
Mynydd Llandygai 1 (A. Booker)

St Asaph City 1 (J. Brown)
Denbigh Town 2 (D. Clarke, O. Roberts)

August 14

Llanrug United 2 (K. Lloyd, O. Owen)
Blaenau Amateurs 4 (S. Jones, M. Williams x3)

Llanrwst United 0
Llandudno Albion 5 (D. Maddox, P. Jones x4)

Penrhyndeudraeth 3 (S. Jones, L. Watson, A. Girffiths)
Nantlle Vale 3 (T. Mahoney. C. Henshaw, A. Hughes)

August 16

Llandudno Albion 4 (P. Jones, D.Maddox, L. Smith, D. Roberts)
St Asaph City 3 (M. Hargreaves, J. Brown, C. Brewerton)

August 17

Blaenau Amateurs 2 (I. Griffiths, M. Williams)
Mynydd Llandegai 1 (B. Owen)

Denbigh Town 3 (J. Walker x2, M. Roberts)
Llanrug United 2 (A. M. Owen, D. Owen)

Glan Conwy 2 (J. Jones, J. Phillips)
Bodedern Athletic 1 (D. Redmond)

Llanberis 2 (D. Parry, T. Saynor)
Prestatyn Sports 0

Nantlle Vale 1 (A. Hughes)
Greenfield 0

Penrhyndeudraeth 1 (S. Jones)
Llanrwst United 4 (C. Parry x2, S. Jones, L. Griffiths)

August 20

Blaenau Amateurs 1 (M. Williams)
Penrhyndeudraeth 3 (R. Jones x2, S. Jones)

Greenfield 2 (S. Jones, D. Calvert)
St Asaph City 2 (M> Hargreaves, L. Grayson)

Llanberis 0
Holyhead Hotspur 4 (R. Jones x3, D. Thomas)

Llanrwst United 1 (S. Jones)
Denbigh Town 3 (J. Walker x3)

August 21

Glan Conwy 2 (C. Davies, B. Jarvis)
Llandudno Albion 1 (L. smith)

Mynydd Llandegai 2 (L. Willingham, O. Jones)
Llanrug United 1 (J. Sadler)

Nantlle Vale 1 (G. Edwards)
Bodedern Athletic 1 (S. Jenkins)

Prestatyn Sports P
Llandyrnog United P

August 24

Blaenau Amateurs 2 (S. A. Roberts, K. Ellis)
Llanrwst United 4 (C. Parry x2, S. Jones x2)

Bodedern Athletic 3 (D. Redmond x2, C. Thomas)
Prestatyn Sports 1 (D. Hyland)

Glan Conwy 3 (D. Davies x2, J. Phillips)
Mynydd Llandegai 4 (D. Smith x2, O. Jones x2)

Holyhead Hotspur 2 (S. Ashworth, C. Jones)
Denbigh Town 1 (M. Roberts)

Llandyrnog United 1 (R. Gilbert)
Nantlle Vale 4 (A. Owen, R. Hughes x2, A. Thomas)

Llanrug United 3 (A. M. Owen, J. Sadler x2)
Llandudno Albion 1 (D. Maddox)

Penrhyndeudraeth 1 (T. Smith)
Greenfield 3 (S. Jones, C. Hughes, D. Calvert)

St Asaph City 0
Llanberis 1 (T. Saynor)

August 27

Bodedern Athletic 2 (D. Redmond, R. Williams)
Mynydd Llandegai 1 (W. Morris)

Denbigh Town 3 (J. Walker x2, D. Clarke)
Llandyrnog United 1 (M. Guest)

Greenfield 2 (S. Jones x2)
Glan Conwy 1 (J. Jones)

Llanberis 3 (T. Saynor, I. Mansoor, G. Wakeham)
Penrhyndeudraeth 0

August 28

Llandudno Albion 3 (L. Smith, A. Hold, R. Jones)
Holyhead Hotspur 0

Llanrwst United 2 (C. Parry x2)
Blaenau Amateurs 0

Nantlle Vale 2 (A. Owen, A. Thomas)
Llanrug United 2 (G. L. Jones, Ll. Jones)

Prestatyn Sports 1 (T. McDougal)
St Asaph City 2 (P. Fleming, M. Hargreaves)

August 31

Llanberis 1 (O. Jones)
Nantlle Vale 3 (A. Thomas, A. Hughes, C. Davies)

Llandudno Albion 5 (D. Evans x2, P. Jones x2, R. Jones)
Prestatyn Sports 1 (D. Donnelly)

Llanrug United 2 (J. C. Thomas, A. M. Owen)
Greenfield 0

Penrhyndeudraeth 0
Denbigh Town 2 (M. Roberts, J. Walker)

St Asaph City 2 (J. Brown, Own Goal)
Bodedern Athletic 0

September 7

Denbigh Town 1 (D. Clarke)
Glan Conwy 0

Greenfield 2 (C. Hughes, R. Jones)
Holyhead Hotspur 3 (C. Jones, D. Thomas, K. Owen)

September 21

Bodedern Athletic 1 (D. Redmond)
Denbigh Town 0

Glan Conwy 2 (C. Davies, L. Ellis)
St Asaph City 2 (J. Brown, J. Witherspoon)

Holyhead Hotspur 4 (G. Jones, R. Jones, S. Ashworth, D. McGinness)
Blaenau Amateurs 0

Llanberis 0
Mynydd Llandegai 0

Llanrug United 1 (K. Lloyd)
Prestatyn Sports 1 (D. Hyland)

Llanrwst United 0
Greenfield 2 (C. Hughes, S. Jones)

Penrhyndeudraeth 7 (H. Quaeck x2, S. Jones x2, I. Thomas x2, Jack Jones)
Llandyrnog United 2 (Josh Jones x2)


October 12

Blaenau Amateurs 0
Bodedern Athletic 4 (T. Wood x2, Own Goal, A. Clark)

Greenfield 4 (S. Jones x2, D. Calvert, K. Roberts)
Llanberis 0

Llandyrnog United 1 (R. Gilbert)
Llanrwst United 4 (C. Parry x2, S. Jones, Own Goal)

Llanrug United 4 (C. Griffiths, K. Lloyd x2, J. Sadler)
Penrhyndeudraeth 2 (S. Jones, T. Smith)

Mynydd Llandegai 1 (T. Collins)
Prestatyn Sports 0

Nantlle Vale 0
Glan Conwy 1 (C. Davies)

St Asaph City 1 (J. Williams)
Holyhead Hotspur 3 (R. Jones, A. Jones, D. Garmey)

October 19

Glan Conwy 2 (Jamie Jones, Connor Davies)
Llanrwst United 2 (Thomas Jones, Chris Nicholson)

Llandudno Albion 2 (A. Hold, D. Roberts)
Mynydd Llandegai 2 (J. Owen, O. Jones)

Llandyrnog United 2 (D. Lewis, C. Jones)
Bodedern Athletic 4 (A. Clark x2, C. Boylan, E. Leach)

Penrhyndeudraeth 3 (S. Jones, I. Thomas, T. Smith)
St Asaph City 3 (C. Brewerton x2, T. McDougall)


November 2

Glan Conwy 1
Denbigh Town 2 (M. Roberts x2)

Llandyrnog United 5 (J. Jones x3, R. Gilbert x2)
Prestatyn Sports 2 (K. Owen, R. Dunn)

Mynydd Llandegai 4 (G. Jones x2, O. Jones, T. Collins)
Nantlle Vale 4 (A. Owen, S. Williams, A. Thomas, R. Hughes)

November 8

Llandudno Albion 1 (D. Maddox)
Glan Conwy 1 (C. Davies)

November 9

Prestatyn Sports 1 (A. Wood)
Llanrwst United 3 (C. Parry x2, C. Nicholson)

Penrhyndeudraeth 3 (H. Quaeck x2, J. Jones)
Bodedern Athletic 2 (T. Wood, D. Redmond)

Mynydd Llandegai 1 (L. Willingham)
St Asaph City 0

Denbigh Town 5 (M. Roberts x2, J. Walker, D. Clarke, J. Barratt)
Llanberis 0

Blaenau Amateurs 5 (I. Jones x3, M. Williams x2)
Llandyrnog United 2 (D. Morris, R. Gilbert)

November 13

Holyhead Hotspur 2 (K. Owen, S. Ashworth)
Nantlle Vale 1 (S. Williams)

November 16

Mynydd Llandegai 3 (O. Jones, B. Parker, N. Bould)
Denbigh Town 3 (J. Walker x2, M. Roberts)

Llanrwst United 5 (C. Parry x3, S. Jones, S. Roberts)
Holyhead Hotspur 1 (D. Thomas)

Llandyrnog United 2 (C. Jones, A. Gage)
Llandudno Albion 5 (J. Morgan x2, D. Maddox x2, L. Fountain)

Greenfield 1 (K. Roberts)
Penrhyndeudraeth 0

Bodedern Athletic 2 (R. Williams, A. Clarke)
Glan Conwy 3 (C. Davies x2, I. Pattison)

November 20

Holyhead Hotspur 2 (K. Owen x2)
Llanberis 1

November 23

Prestatyn Sports 4 (C. Owen x2, A. New, R. Dunn)
Llanberis 7

Llandyrnog United 4 (M. Guest, J. Jones, C. Jones x2)
Mynydd Llandegai 2 (B. Parker, G. Owen)

Glan Conwy 3 (C. Davies x2, A. Boyle)
Penrhyndeudraeth 2 (A. Griffiths x2)

Blaenau Amateurs 0
Greenfield 4 (S. Jones, D. Simm, S. McKean, D. Calvert)

November 30

Llandyrnog United 1 (S. Evans)
Holyhead Hotspur 6 (Alex Jones, Chris Jones, Cory Jones, Rob Jones, Dion Parry, Own Goal)

Llanrwst United 4 (C. Parry x3, L. Doran)
Mynydd Llandegai 1 (O. Jones)

St Asaph City 0
Glan Conwy 4 (J. Phillips x2, J. Jones, P. Keating)


December 7

Blaenau Amateurs 3 (S. A. Roberts, K. Ellis, I. Griffiths)
Nantlle Vale 4 (A. Hughes x2, C. Henshaw, G. Parry)

Glan Conwy 0
Holyhead Hotspur 1

Greenfield 1 (S. Fawcett)
Llanrwst United 2 (C. Parry x2)

Llanberis 3
Llandudno Albion 0

Llanrug United 0
Llandyrnog United 0

St Asaph City 1 (J. Brewerton)
Penrhyndeudraeth 0

December 21

Blaenau Amateurs 1 (M. Williams)
Denbigh Town 11 (J. Walker x5, M. Roberts x4, J. Terry, D. Clarke)

Holyhead Hotspur 5 (A. Jones x2, D. Parry, A. Thomas, D. Garmey)
Prestatyn Sports 1 (C. Owen)

Penrhyndeudraeth 2 (A. Griffiths, R. Hughes)
Mynydd Llandegai 0

St Asaph City 1 (J. Brown)
Nantlle Vale 1 (A. Hughes)

December 28

Llandyrnog United 0
Glan Conwy 2

Llanrug United 4 (G. Jones, A. Mark Owen, J. Sadler, Own Goal)
St Asaph City 2 (J. Brewerton, L. Wandless)

Llanrwst United 5 (C. Parry x3, A. Hughes x2)
Llanberis 1

Mynydd Llandegai 2 (T. Williams, M. Smith)
Holyhead Hotspur 3 (K. Owen, A. Thomas, A. Jones)

Nantlle Vale 1 (A. Thomas)
Blaenau Amateurs 1 (J. Dukes)

Penrhyndeudraeth 1 (C. Price)
Llandudno Albion 0


January 4

Blaneau Amateurs 1 (B. Humphries)
Llandudno Albion 4 (J. Carey x2, A. Hold, D. Maddox)

Bodedern Athletic 1 (D. Redmond)
Greenfield 0

Denbigh Town 2 (J. Barratt, M. Roberts)
Holyhead Hotspur 2 (M. Roberts, D. Parry)

Glan Conwy 2 (K. Pike, B. Jarvis)
Llanrug United 1 (C. Griffiths)

Llanberis 2 (D. Parry, T. Saynor)
St Asaph City 0

Llandyrnog United 0
Penrhyndeudraeth 1 ((L. Jones)

Nantlle Vale 2 (D. Roberts, C. Henshaw)
Llanrwst United 2 (C. Parry x2)

Prestatyn Sports 3 (I. Dunn x2, S. Middleman)
Mynydd Llandegai 3 (G. Owen x2, L. Willingham)

January 11

Bodedern Athletic 5 (C. Boylan x2, J. Jones, C. Thomas, J. McMinimee)
St Asaph City 0

Glan Conwy 6 (C. Davies x5, A. Boyle)
Llanberis 1 (No scorer received)

Greenfield 2 (S. Jones, B. Jones)
Blaenau Amateurs 1 (C. Roberts)

Llandyrnog United 0
Llanrug United 5 (J. Sadler x2, K. Lloyd, G. Jones, I. Edwards)

Penrhyndeudraeth 4 (R. Hughes, J. Hughes, M. Edwards, S. Jones)
Prestatyn Sports 3 (I. Dunn, M. Jones, H. Kivell)

January 18

St Asaph City 1 (L. Wandless)
Llandyrnog Utd 1 (R. Gilbert)

Prestatyn Sports 3 (M. Jones x2, I. Dunn)
Llandudno Albion 5 (J. Lloyd x2, J. Carey, J. Moorhouse, R. Jones)

Mynydd Llandegai 1 (A. Roberts)
Glan Conwy 2 (C. Davies, K. Pike)

Llanrug United 1 (J. Underwood)
Bodedern Athletic 4 (D. Redmond x2, S. Jenkins x2)

Llanberis 4 (G. Edwards x2, G. Wakeham, O. Jones)
Blaenau Amateurs 4 (M. Williams x2, O. Jones, D. Copsey)

January 25

Blaenau Amateurs 2 (M. Williams, I. Griffiths)
Prestatyn Sports 0

Holyhead Hotspur 1
Glan Conwy 0

Llanberis 0
Denbigh Town 5 (J. Walker x3, C. Bennett x2)

Llanrwst United 1 (S. Jones)
St Asaph City 0

Mynydd Llandegai 1 (W. Morris)
Greenfield 3 (D. Calvert, B. Jones, D. Simm)

Nantlle Vale 2 (G. Edwards, G. Thomas)
Llandyrnog United 0

Penrhyndeudraeth 3 (C. Henshaw, S. Jones, T. Smith)
Llanrug United 3 (D. Owen, G. Ll. Jones, I. Edwards)


February 1

Bodedern Athletic 0
Llanrug United 3 (A. M. Owen, D. Owen, J. Sadler)

Llandyrnog United 0
Llanberis 2 (B. Jones, I. Mansoor)

Nantlle Vale 2 (M. Davies, A. Thomas)
Penrhyndeudraeth 3 (C. Henshaw, T. Smith, J. Hughes)

Prestatyn Sports 0
Denbigh Town 4 (J. Terry, J. Walker, M. Roberts, H. Tattum)

St Asaph City 1 (J. Brown)
Llandudno Albion 1 (J. Lloyd)

February 8

Llandyrnog United 0
Blaenau Amateurs 3 (M. Williams x2, I. Roberts)

Llanrug United 0
Glan Conwy 2 (A. Boyle, M. Owen)

Mynydd Llandegai 2 (O. Jones, I. Morris)
Penrhyndeudraeth 1 (C. Henshaw)

Prestatyn Sports 0
Greenfield 1 (S. Jones)

St Asaph City 0
Llanrwst United 2 (L. Griffiths, C. Nicholson)

February 21

Llandudno Albion 4 (D. Evans x2, L. Smith, J. Lloyd)
Llandyrnog Utd 1

February 22

Bodedern Athletic 0
Penrhyndeudraeth 2 (B. Humphreys, T. Hughes)

Nantlle Vale 4 (R. Williams x3, G. Thomas)
Prestatyn Sports 1 (M. Jones)

February 29

Greenfield 1 (D. Hyland)
Llandyrnog Utd 1 (C. Evans)

Holyhead Hotspur 2 (A. Thomas x2)
St Asaph City 0

Llandudno Albion 0
Blaenau Amateurs 1 (M. Williams)


March 7

Greenfield 2 (B. Jones, S. Jones)
Llanrug United 0

Llanberis 1 (G. Edwards)
Llandyrnog United 2 (D. Lewis, M. Guest)

Llanrwst United 3 (C. Nicholson x2, B. Lundstram)
Prestatyn Sports 1 (K. Owen)

Penrhyndeudraeth 3 (J. Hughes x2, L. Watson)
Blaenau Amateurs 2 (M. Williams, Own Goal)

St Asaph City 2 (D. Roach, L. Grayson)
Mynydd Llandegai 2 (O. Jones x2)


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